Mackenzie Country Series

Book One, The Art of Husbandry, is a 2024 Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Gay Romance.

This hugely popular series is set in the Mackenzie Country of New Zealand where impossibly large merino sheep stations push high into the Southern Alps. The scenery is spectacular, isolated, rugged, and a character in its own right. The stories are set around two neighbouring sheep stations, the men who live and work there, and the small town that services the region.

Expect loads of romance and swoon/ grief/ recovery/ discovering new life/ dealing with homophobia/ coping with pressure/ fish-out-of-water/ opposites attract, and major found family vibes.

TW— Book one and two have a TW for past loss of a child.

Book 1

The Art of Husbandry

2024 Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Gay Romance

When life drowns you in lemons, to hell with lemonade. I want to burn the whole world. Three months on a high country sheep station in the middle of nowhere is exactly the reboot I need.

Falling for the captivating young station boss was never part of the plan. Holden Miller might be smart and sexy, but we come from two different worlds.

Holden doesn’t care about my rules. Nestled safely in the spectacular Southern Alps, he begins knitting my battered heart together one careful stitch at a time.

Note: Contains references to the past death of a child and PTSD.



Book 2

The Mechanics of Lust

I broke the rules and fell in love with my best friend. Newsflash—he didn’t feel the same. I had to stand by and watch him fall for someone else. Moving on hasn’t been easy since we all live and work on the same high country sheep station, but I’m building a new life, just me and my dogs.

The last thing I need is Luke Nichols, the sexy, enigmatic, ex-husband of my nemesis, filling my head with a laundry list of cravings. Talk about complicated.

Luke is only in Mackenzie Country for a few months and I’m not about to put my heart on the line again just for a little fun. But things between us are about to go nuclear.

Note: This story contains references to the past loss of a child.



Book 3

The Science of Attraction

I am Mackenzie Country born and bred. Farming the high country runs in my blood, like my father, and his father, and my great grandfather before him. My future has been mapped out for me since the day I was born. Or at least it was, until Liam Skelton walks onto Lane Station, lights a fire in my heart, and turns my whole world upside down.​

Bossy, tatted, and out and proud, Liam is everything my father abhors. And I want him. Badly.

With so many things against us, maybe we don't have a chance. Maybe we'll crash and burn. Or maybe we’ll find a way to have it all.


  • The Art of Husbandry

    THE ART OF HUSBANDRY is a New Zealand small town romance with an age gap, forced proximity, a special four legged friend, a muster, bets, grief, healing , emotion, steam and falling in love . I’m really excited about the next book in the series and already attached to this cast of characters.

    Stefka - Amazon Reviewer

  • The Mechanics of Lust

    A beautifully-written love story Ms. Jay Hogan! The story is amazing, the backdrop is so beautiful and how I wish I could see it all someday, the Southern Alps and the country surrounding it. I am so in love with these men, they are just perfect in their imperfections, AMAZING! I want more..

    Love Bytes Reviews

  • The Science of Attraction

    My favorite in the series  - whilst it could be read as a standalone I recommend reading the others first,  it will definitely add to the experience. The 2 MCs have chemistry right from the start. I loved how they kept up the communication. There are times when it is deeply emotional and I had to grab the tissues.

    LoveToRead - Amazon Reviewer

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