Style Series

This series is set around a men’s designer fashion store in Auckland, New Zealand. The 3-book series centres around fashion designers, models, photographers, store managers, and tattooists. The stories incorporate dealing with past trauma, PTSD, the pressure of fashion shows and modelling, sexual harassment, design espionage, industry jealousy, and the highs, lows, and perils of life in the cutthroat fashion industry where everything can be won or lost in a heartbeat and the fight for the top.

Book one Flare has TW for references to past sexual assault.
Book two Strut contains themes of sexual harassment and sexual assault.
Book three Sass contains limited discussion of off-page past trauma.

Book 1


My own fashion label. The shiny new sign above the door means everything. My dream. My life. Worth every gruelling hour I’ve spent making it happen. Nothing can stop me now. Not the fear. Not the nightmares. Not my sad excuse for a love life. And certainly not Beckett Northcott, the sexy English professor who wouldn’t know a fitted shirt if it slapped him in the face and who has flannel down to an art form.

I don’t date for a very good reason, and yet Beck makes me want to break every damn one of my rules. But with my debut at Fashion Week looming, my business in trouble, and Beckett Northcott peeling open my terrified heart to a future I’ve never imagined, the threads of my carefully woven life are unravelling at the seams.


Book 2


New Zealand farm boy turns New York fashion model. Fairy tale? Maybe. But it hasn’t been easy. A year in this crazy city, working my tail off to survive in an industry where sex sells and boundaries are too readily crossed.

A year and a reassuring ocean away from Hunter Donovan—a sexy, humiliating mistake that I’m not about to repeat. But now Hunter is back. And when my world suddenly crashes and I have to piece myself back together, will Hunter be there when I need him? Will we have what it takes to make it through this, together?

Note: This book contains themes of sexual harassment and sexual assault.


Book 3


For two years I’ve kept Leon Steadman at a distance, ever since the night he turned me down flatter than a pancake. His loss. One and done is simply good math. Or it would be if I hadn’t been lusting after the judgemental, gorgeous, mountain of a man, ever since.

The less I see of Leon, the better. Bad enough that his tattoo business sits next to Flare, the fashion store I manage. But now he’s apartment-sitting above the shop, as well. Every time I turn around, Leon is there. Being all nice and charming and acting like maybe he’s not the biggest jerk to walk the earth, after all.

I don’t need Leon’s apologies, but maybe if I can have him, just once, it might put an end to this ridiculous hunger.

Yeah, I’ll get back to you on that.

Note: Contains limited discussion of off-page past trauma.


  • Flare

    I’m already a huge fan of this author, and I thought FLARE is another great start to a new series. I was invested in Rhys and Beck and their HEA as soon as they met. The supporting cast adds plenty of feelgood vibes and sass, and I especially loved the found family vibe. I’m already looking forward to the next book… One line that particularly stood out for me was “Love is important. Sex is something we do.”

    Drops of Ink

  • Strut

    Alec’s storyline in STRUT is not an easy one to read, but then it’s not meant to be; it’s hard-hitting, shocking, well-researched and brilliantly told. Jay Hogan chalks up another DIK with this emotional, thought-provoking love story.

    Caz’s ReadingRoom

  • Sass

    I absolutely loved this book and I almost said it’s my favorite, but I don’t know if that’s totally true. It is definitely one of my favorites – I truly love these two. While it’s probably not completely necessary to read the two previous books of the series, I highly recommend it because that’s the only way
    to get a complete picture of Kip… As much as I didn’t want this book to end, the epilogue was fantastic.

    Christina - BFD Book Blog

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