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The Mechanics of Lust - Audiobook

The Mechanics of Lust - Audiobook

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I broke the rules and fell in love with my best friend. Newsflash—he didn’t feel the same. I had to stand by and watch him fall for someone else. Moving on hasn’t been easy since we all live and work on the same high country sheep station, but I’m finally getting there.

I’m building a new life, a new set of dreams, planning a different future, just me and my dogs. The last thing I need is Luke Nichols, the sexy, enigmatic, ex-husband of my nemesis, filling my head with a laundry list of cravings. Talk about complicated.

Luke is only in Mackenzie Country for a few months and I’m not about to put my heart on the line again just for a little fun. But the more I’m around Luke, the harder it is to remember exactly why Luke and I are a bad idea, the worst idea.

Things between us are about to go nuclear.

Maybe I’m wrong.
Maybe we can keep it simple.
Maybe I can satisfy my cravings and hold on to my heart.
And maybe pigs can fly.

Note: This story contains references to the past loss of a child.


Book One, The Art of Husbandry, is a 2024 Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Gay Romance.

This hugely popular series is set in the Mackenzie Country of New Zealand where impossibly large merino sheep stations push high into the Southern Alps. The scenery is spectacular, isolated, rugged, and a character in its own right. The stories are set around two neighbouring sheep stations, the men who live and work there, and the small town that services the region.

Expect loads of romance and swoon/ grief/ recovery/ discovering new life/ dealing with homophobia/ coping with pressure/ fish-out-of-water/ opposites attract, and major found family vibes.

TW— Book one and two have a TW for past loss of a child.

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Customer Reviews

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Heather Duff
So many emotions

This is turning out to be an absolutely stunning series. Set in southern New Zealand on Sheep Station (and surrounding area), the description of the area and the workings of a sheep station are enough to keep me coming back again and again. Not to mention the people that make up this group of friends and small town.

The Mechanics of Lust, like the first book (and many of Jay’s books), is an emotional one. If you don’t shed some tears you haven’t really read it. It’s also beautiful, and forgiving, and ultimately optimistic.

Luke and Zach are both reeling from their own hurts and life hurdles. Pain thankfully many of us won’t ever experience. To say they are going through some things is an understatement.

Zach does not like the sexy Luke. And boy do I love it when a character fights his attraction. Then watching them slowly lose the battle.

They are fascinating to witness as they work through their problems, as they navigate their changing feelings for one another and as they learn to find and trust in a new happiness.

You will love and care for them both, and their story will bring you all the emotions. But ultimately you will be smiling by the final pages.


This was another fantastic book by Jay Hogan. I enjoyed this one even more than the first one, and it was amazing to see Gil and Holden again. So nice to see them happy and interfering in Zach and Luke's lives. Jay is an incredible author when she's on form, and she's absolutely on form for this book. I went through a ton of emotions, I cried a lot– Luke's suppressed, understated grief really resonated with me– but at times I was also howling with laughter. I'd forgotten how funny Jay can be. Let this be a lesson to you, folks, no matter how hot the hook up, don't run across open ground with no shoes on, there are vicious plants out to get you.

Speaking of hot hookups, though… holy hell. The chemistry between Luke and Zach was off the charts. Like just crazy hot. I don't know why it got to me so much, I'm not usually too fussed about spice either way, but these guys were on another level. I think it's the emotional connection as much as the physical chemistry, but damn. I felt like I needed a cold shower and they hadn't even done anything yet, not even a kiss.

This is a long, angsty and emotionally intense book, and it's definitely an experience. Highly recommended as one of the character deep dives Jay does so well. You'll probably end up wanting to yell at Zach and Luke, but you understand them so well you'll empathise too. Can't wait to read more in the Mackenzie Country series.