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Off Balance - Audiobook

Off Balance - Audiobook

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When JUDAH MADDEN flees his tiny suffocating home town in New Zealand for the dream of international ballet stardom, he never intends coming back. Not to Painted Bay. Not to his family’s struggling mussel farm. Not to his jerk of a brother. Not with his entire life plan in shreds. And certainly not into the tempting arms of MORGAN WIPENE, the older, ruggedly handsome fisheries officer who seems determined to screw with Judah’s intention to wallow in peace. 

But dreams are fickle things. Shatter them and it’s hard to pick up the pieces. Hard to believe. Hard to start again. 

And the hardest thing of all? Finding the courage to trust in love and build a new dream where you least expected to find it.


The much loved first book in this series, Off Balance, won the NZ Romance Writers 2021 Romance Book of the Year Award.

This highly acclaimed 3-book series is set in the tiny fictional seaside town of Painted Bay, Northland, New Zealand. It centres around the Madden family and their friends and carries all the hallmarks you’d expect of small-town romances but with a New Zealand twist. You’ll
meet mussel farmers, fishermen and fishery officers, international ballet stars, choreographers
and tango lovers. The stories deal with medical issues, living with disabilities, hurt/comfort, redemption, family reconnection, and found family.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Finding a new start after everything seems lost.

This book is a beautiful story about finding a way to start a new life when everything changes and after the grief of loss.
Morgan is a widower, he holed up in Painted Bay five years ago after losing his wife to cancer, to leave behind the ever-present memories suffocating him.
Judah has fled Painted Bay as a teen, to follow his dream of becoming a ballet star and to leave bullying and teasing behind; he has reached his dream and is on top of the ballet world, when an invalidating disease sends him back to Painted Bay to lick his wounds and try to decide what to do with his life.
The two men are immediately attracted and drawn to each other, and even with so much going o between and around them, they find solace, comfort and strength in each other, starting a beautiful relationship that will change both of their lives.
I love being transported in the beautiful land that is New Zealand by Jay Hogan’s magical words. Her writing style just resonates with me, so much so that her books have become an auto-buy for me.

Exceeded Expectations!

Judah & Morgan - just wow! Loved these two guys together. They are polar opposites in many respects, but there is a thread of human dignity that binds them together and the sparks fly from the first meeting. There is just enough angst in this one to keep the pages turning, but the main theme here is more about personal acceptance and making the most out of the cards that life deals you. There are some great side characters that should make the rest of this series just as compelling as this first book and I can't wait to dive into Book 2. Bravo - *****

Kerrilee H
Morgan and Judah have my heart!

Wow! A friend recommended this new-to-me author and this book specifically. I finished it in two days and can’t wait to dig into the next. Hot, tender and just enough angst. I love Morgan and Judah.

Vicki Williams
Loved it.

The story telling ability of Jay Hogan is once again the shining star in this beautifully crafted character driven romance.
Judah and Morgan are two very complex, likeable characters who are perfect for each other even though they seem so different. They are both flawed, have had to overcome hugely significant struggles but retain a sense of humour and love to engage in witty banter, with a bit of sass for good measure.
The first meeting between them crackled with instant chemistry and when the timing was right this led to lots of heat with some sweet. Their romance was not without a few bumps along the way but their HEA left me smiling.
Included are some very interesting side characters, just enough angst, some feels and a bit of suspense to keep the pages turning.
This was a truly wonderful engaging read that had me hooked from the very start and I can’t wait to see who gets their story told next.