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In Step - Audiobook

In Step - Audiobook

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Karma. You reap what you sow, and KANE MARTIN isn’t looking for forgiveness.

But the arrival of ABE TYLER in Painted Bay has Kane dreaming of the impossible. The sexy, silver fox choreographer is determined to pull Kane out from the shadows, but Abe’s career isn’t about to shift to Painted Bay, and Kane’s life is in neat little boxes for a reason. 

A past he isn’t proud of.

A family he’s walked away from.

A job he doesn’t deserve.

A secret he’s ashamed of. 

But life’s dance can make for unexpected partners, and learning to trust and keep up with the footwork is the name of the game. 

Two steps forward, one step back.

It takes two to tango.


The much loved first book in this series, Off Balance, won the NZ Romance Writers 2021 Romance Book of the Year Award.

This highly acclaimed 3-book series is set in the tiny fictional seaside town of Painted Bay, Northland, New Zealand. It centres around the Madden family and their friends and carries all the hallmarks you’d expect of small-town romances but with a New Zealand twist. You’ll
meet mussel farmers, fishermen and fishery officers, international ballet stars, choreographers
and tango lovers. The stories deal with medical issues, living with disabilities, hurt/comfort, redemption, family reconnection, and found family.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
What a beautiful, poignant book.

A wonderful addition to the Painted Bay series. I sensed from the previous books that Kane was more than the teenage bully who harassed Judah in high school, and the reserved, closed-off man we met as an adult certainly does not fit the bullying type.
As always the truth hides under layers and as get to know “the real” Kane, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. The same apparently goes for Abe, a 44-years-old choreographer, a friend of Judah’s, whom he’s in town to help, who doesn’t stop at what he’s told about Kane and what he has done in the past, but sees him for everything he is.
The book is achingly beautiful, I confess to shedding a few tears here and there, and with the sexy accompanying of tango music and dancing in the background it makes for a super-hot read, too.
I love being transported in the beautiful land that is New Zealand by Jay Hogan’s magical words. Her description of the landscapes is so accurate and beautiful I can actually figure it perfectly in my head and it’s almost like being there myself.

Heather Duff
My heart!

This was pure seduction!

I felt like I was dancing through a mesmerizing love story.

I was worried this third book in the series wouldn't be able to live up to the previous book (which I love, and will forever be my favourite), but, this one definitely held its own. Kane and Abe were both stunning and funny, and sweet and fiery.

There was so much emotion (love, laughter, anger, sexiness) that I was gripped from beginning to end.

Jamie Walls

No words can express how I feel about this book. I could sit here for hours and try and come up with new words to describe this book, but nothing could ever portray just how much this book impacted me.

I was so eager to read about Kane and I just needed to see his redemption ARC and not only did this book give me this but it also gave me one of the best love story I have ever read. I will not mince my words here, Kane and Abe have what I can only describe as the best romantic connection I have ever read in a book, they just work together so perfectly.

This book was the perfect ending to the series and it was everything I hoped it would be and so much more.