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Foxed - Audiobook

Foxed - Audiobook

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FOXED: To be thrown into a state of uncertainty—flustered, bamboozled, bewildered, puzzled, vexed. 

AKA, me. Jed Marshall. 55-year-old successful classic car mechanic; divorced, mostly closeted, and whose wholly inexperienced bisexuality has suddenly awakened after one smouldering look and said, ‘Damn, who’s the hottie?’ Or words to that effect. 

Cue, Nash Collingwood. 53-year-old scarily smart high school principal; out, gay, confident, and sexy as hell. He’s also my daughter’s boss. So, not complicated at all, right? Nash could ignite a bonfire with a single sultry look, comes fully accessorised with a charm offensive Churchill would be proud of, an easy-going flattery that thrills my heart far too effortlessly, and an impressive track record with men many decades my junior. 

In short, Nash is everything I’m not, and everything I’ve avoided for roughly my entire life. He’s the hot rod to my sensible family car, that is if you like your family cars with a few dents, creaky suspension, unexpected backfires, and a dodgy stick. 

The last thing I need is a relationship—especially with a man. I buried that pipe dream a long time ago and a little loneliness is a small price to pay. The festive season and long summer vacation are on our doorstep. I’m finally getting things right with my family who mean everything to me, and I don’t want to mess that up. 

But Nash doesn’t care about my awkward inexperience, or clumsy excuses, or any of my insecurities. Nash only sees me. He wants me. For the first time in years, I feel alive and sexy and a whole lot more than just a good father and grandfather. 

I should walk away, but the closer Nash and I become, the more he fills my grey world with colour, and the promise of a second chance at love I never thought possible.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Krupar
A man of a certain age

As a homosexual "man of a certain age" I can't communicate how much I loved this story. It is so beautiful and so agist positive. I too was not looking for love anymore, it just wasn't going to happen when, WHAM! there it was, staring me in the face with all the love and positivity and POSSIBILITIES of the future. It was mind-blowing. JUST LIKE THIS BOOK.

I am so in love with these two men!

Romance with older men is hard to come by, and I absolutely loved how the author manages to introduce both Jed and Nash who, though still vibrant and full of life, have a few decades under their belts and both their bodies and minds show it! Though Nash has been trying with all his might to retain the body of a much younger man (something which seems to be required in the gay scene especially when hooking up with much younger men, which was the norm for him) he allows himself to mellow and accept his age when he starts to see Jed. Jed on the other hand, does not have any pretence about his physical appearance, he’s been married to a woman for most of his live and just wants to focus on his kids and his granddaughter. He has suppressed his bisexuality when he married his wife, and though he’s been divorced for many years, he doesn’t see the need to explore that part of himself, especially when the last thing he wants is a new relationship.
The book is so full of emotions, fear but also longing, sweet moments and heart-breaking ones; it shows all that is family: the good, the bad, and sometimes, the ugly!
There’s a reason Jay Hogan is one of my favourite authors and that’s her capability of transporting you so deep into a story you feel like you know the characters, you feel their pain and their joy and everything they go through, you live it with them. No wonder I’m left with such a book hangover the day after!

Donna E.
Good read, great listen

As someone who is middle-aged myself and who has always been partial to silver foxes (even when I was much younger), this book was right up my alley, and I expected to enjoy it! I did, with a couple of minor caveats.

Jed is a classic car mechanic in his mid-50s, a divorced father, grandfather, and mostly closeted bisexual. While trying to avoid another attempt by one of his adult children to set him up with a woman, he finds himself in an unexpected encounter with Nash, the principal at the school where Jed’s daughter teaches. The mutual attraction is obvious, but at 53, Nash is an out and proud gay man, confident in all the ways that Jed isn’t.

After his divorce, Jed spent a lot of time working on patching things up with his family and wasn’t expecting to get into a new relationship, especially with a man. But Nash is patient and understanding and gorgeous and exactly what Jed needs in a second chance at love.

This was a good read overall. I absolutely loved Nash. His intelligence, confidence, and sexiness made it a bit easier to deal with Jed’s roller coaster of feelings, as well as his interfering family and his reluctance to stand up for himself and his relationship with Nash. The portrayals of being middle-aged are accurate at times, if also a little overdone. There is some tension and conflict (including a homophobe in Jed’s family), but it gets mostly resolved without too much exaggerated drama, and these guys do get their HEA.

I also listened to the audiobook, and it made me a big fan of Gary Furlong! The narration was great and made the story even more immersive. If you read and enjoyed the novel, I’d suggest giving it a listen as well.

Heartfelt and passionate

Loved every page of this book. Wonderful characters with an authentically felt journey. Just long enough that it didn't end too soon and gave me all the feels but perfectly paced so it didn't drag or rush me. Jay is such a great writer and this book will become another favourite - just because it is so heartfelt and passionate. Highly recommend this for anyone just looking for a great character driven book.

Heather Duff
Double silver foxes!

Hands down, double silver fox is my new favourite trope, and I demand all authors write only this!! 50’s never looked so sexy!

Not going to lie, I swooned at least once per page, and this may be my favourite Jay Hogan book, well at least top 5, she has many amazing books.

Both Jed and Nash are successful, intelligent, and well-liked. They have also sworn off serious dating. Jed is divorced, and though it was amicable, it’s made him question his ability to be a good partner. So instead he throws himself into his business and being there for his family. Even if it means sacrificing his own time.

Nash is a high school principal who’s out and proud. In his job, he’s fierce and has a history of activism. Standing up for students and what is right. In his personal life, he’s known for casual hookups. But keeping up with the gay hookup scene is taking its toll.

When these two meet, sweet sparks fly. Neither can deny their attraction, but though Jed has always known he’s bisexual, has never really acted on it. And no one but his ex-wife is aware of it. Now, Nash, has him questioning everything and even considering coming out.

I love how patient and sweet Nash is with Jed. Not just making him comfortable being intimate with a man, but also feeling sexy in his 55-year-old body. They are both so lovely, supportive, and caring. And Nash finding peace in settling down, in the domesticity of a relationship.

Gah, I really do love them both.

The cute flirting between these two older guys was everything my little heart could dream of.