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Flat Whites & Chocolate Fish - Audiobook

Flat Whites & Chocolate Fish - Audiobook

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ADRIAN POWELL has a secret, a secret he’s guarded for 17 years. But it’s come at a cost—few friends, fewer lovers and a lifetime of loneliness. If he’s a bit grumpy and a tad pessimistic, who can blame him? So, exactly how he’s ended up with a bunch of nosy friends, a beautiful lakeside cottage and a successful business, is beyond him. 

It’s a life he never imagined, and one that includes a problematic new neighbour, NIALL CARMICHAEL—an irritating, equally grumpy, sexy as hell silver fox, who kisses like a dream, shakes every one of Adrian’s walls, and who might just prove Adrian’s undoing. 

But secrets have a way of catching up with you. And when Adrian’s past comes knocking, it might just threaten everything he’s built.


This 4-book series centres around two brothers and their friends and colleagues. It is set in Queenstown, New Zealand, a region boasting some of the most spectacular alpine scenery in the world and which also lays claim to the title of adventure capital of the world—home to the original bungy jump and numerous other scream-worthy experiences.

The stories have a strong emphasis on found family and hurt/comfort. There is an age gap romance; grumpy meets grumpy romantic suspense; a New Zealand cowboy falling for sassy city slicker leading to hilarious shenanigans; and a winemaker dealing with a difficult family who finds himself smitten with a young guy he'd kissed just once the year before.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
What happens when two grupy men become neighbours...

This book was amazing!
Granted, that’s what I say after each and every one of Jay Hogan’s books, but… that’s just how things are for me! Her writing style is catching and her characters are complex men with a myriad of facets.
Here we have two grumpy men, who shouldn’t work at all on paper, and who undoubtedly clash when they meet, but the more they get to know each other, the more their walls crumble and they find in the other what they didn’t know what they were looking for.
Adrian has intrigued me from book 1, he has always been this aloof, mysterious side character, always around, but always on the outskirts, and now we really get why: he has his fair share of secrets and burdens.

Heather Duff
I love grumpy/grumpy

Two grumps is an entirely underrated trope. Seriously, move over sunshine, I want grump on grump action any time of the day. I mean angry, closed-off, and frustratingly sexy men are definitely my kink.

This was definitely darker than the other books in the series, with a dark past for Adrian and a fair amount of suspense and mystery to move the story along (which gives these men a push in the right direction to admitting their feelings).

I enjoyed the development of these two, their growth, and their recovery from their pasts and perceived notions of themselves. Helped in part from their found families. And, the ending, awww. In the end, it turned out these two grumps were really pussycats. (okay, slightly cranky pussycats, but still)