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First Impressions - Audiobook

First Impressions - Audiobook

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Two years ago, I made a mistake, a big one. Then I added a couple more just for good measure. I screwed up my life, but I survived. Now I have the opportunity for a fresh start. Two years in NZ. Away from the LA gossip, a chance to breathe, to rebuild my life. But I’m taking a new set of rules with me. 

I don’t do relationships.

I don’t do commitment.

I don’t do white picket fences.

And I especially don’t do arrogant, holier-than-thou, smoking hot K9 officers who walk into my ER and rock my world.


One thing for certain, Dr. Michael Oliver is an arrogant, untrustworthy player, and I barely survived the last one of those. He might be gorgeous, but my daughter takes number one priority. I won’t risk her being hurt, again. I’m a solo dad, a K9 cop and a son to pain-in-the-arse parents.

I don’t have time for games. 

I don’t have time for taking chances.

I don’t have time for more complications in my life.

And I sure as hell don’t have time for the infuriating Dr. Michael Oliver, however damn sexy he is.


Auckland Med is a fictional hospital set in New Zealand’s largest city. This 5-book series has something for everyone along with a strong found family vibe. There’s an enemies-to-lovers cop/Dr romantic suspense; a closeted rugby hero who meets his nemesis in a bossy makeup and lingerie wearing Charge Nurse; a wheelchair rugby Paralympian who falls for an out and proud gender fluid nurse; and an opposites-attract introverted pathologist who creates sparks with a commitment-phobe cop.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A wonderful enemies to lovers story!

First thing I will say is this: Jay Hogan was a new to me author but I completely fell in love with her writing style; it’s humorous, exciting, emotional and it kept me glued to this book and left me wanting more!

The story is a beautiful enemies to lovers: both men have preconceived notions about the other, which are torn down piece by piece as they get to know each other, entering a tentative acquaintances with benefits arrangement. None of them wants more (or so they tell themselves), Josh having been burned before and wanting to protect himself and especially his daughter, while Michael is so sure he’s not, and doesn’t want to be, relationship material, that he runs scared at the first sign of commitment.

The other thing that’s so interesting is the drama/mystery plot in the background, which is what actually throws Michael and Josh together, and keeps them on their toes all throughout the book.

I am definitely diving in book 2 right now, because I loved this author’s style, and also because I need more Cam in my life (also, rugby player, yum…)

Deborah Hamelin

Really enjoyed this audio book! Just the right amount of angst with a heap of sweetness for the perfect listen. Narration amazing! I definitely recommend this whole series!!!

Why did I wait so long to read this?

I’m still pretty new to Jay Hogan’s books and I actually read book four in the Auckland Med series, Against the Grain, before reading the other books in the series. That book worked just fine as a standalone but I’m so glad that I’ve now gone back and started at the beginning of the series.

I love Gary Furlong’s audio performances and that’s partly what prompted me to start the series from the beginning. The other thing that got my butt in gear is the upcoming book, You Are Cordially Invited, which releases on June 17, 2021.

I love listening to Gary’s voice; he does a fantastic job with the different accents (at least to my American ear) and the different character voices are easy to distinguish from each other.

Jay Hogan knows just how to break me and put me back together again. Both Michael and Josh have had a rough time. Michael turned to alcohol and Josh swore off relationships. Besides this being a slightly angsty love story, it’s also suspenseful and kept me up way too late. Since I couldn’t finish it before I had to sleep, I started it again as soon as I woke up and didn’t stop until I’d finished it.

There are some pretty tense moments at more than one place in the story but I knew that it would all work out in the end. I’m going to jump right into book two next.


So I have read Jay before, but it was a great but pretty tame read, which made me hesitant about starting this one, but I shouldn’t have worried, this books was HOT! The plot was entertaining, the interactions were scorching, electric, sweet and even adorable!
The descriptive narrative never got tiring, it just enhanced the reading experience, I’m absolutely in love.
Josh and Michael will be those characters that I will always look forward to reading about in the next series. Plus, secondary characters were amazing! I’m already looking forward to Cam and even Mark’s books!

Heather Duff
One of my all time favs

Resounding 5 Stars. Although this is my 2nd read, so does that make it 10 Stars?!?

This was one of the first MM romance books that I read, and easily one of the first that I rated 5 stars. When the audiobook went on sale I snatched it up with no real plans on when to listen to it (so many books on my TBR make me reluctant to re-read things), but when I had a really bad migraine for a couple of days in a row, I thought I’d give it a try. I can’t do much of anything with a migraine, and sometimes concentrating can be hard, so I figured something I already knew the story to would be a good idea.

The story was as good as I remember it and makes for a really good audiobook. These two characters are among my favourite. They have the perfect amount of banter and snark, heat, and love. And though they start off disliking each other, they are both really kind, compassionate people, which leads to a cease-fire, friendship, and romance. And though the HEA takes some time, it’s not painful, it remains hopeful. Or maybe that’s because I knew how it ends, I can’t remember how I felt the first time. Either way, the ending is wonderful and perfect for these two.

Everything in this story is really well balanced. Sexual tension, laughter, difficult backstories, miscommunication, suspenseful plot, love, and great side characters. There is self-discovery, healing, and redemption. They are both likable people that you root for. And it runs at a perfect pace, making putting it down difficult.

And the narration…geez, can Gary Furlong please narrate my entire life. Like just follow me around speaking all the time, he can read the street signs for all I care. Oooh, maybe he could do a GPS voice…I’d learn to drive for that. Seriously, he’s amazing, you at no point felt like he was reading, he was the characters. I may go download every book he’s narrated.