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Auckland Med audio bundle - Books 1 to 5

Auckland Med audio bundle - Books 1 to 5

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Get all 5 audiobooks for 1 low price!

Auckland Med is a fictional hospital set in New Zealand’s largest city.

This 5-book series has something for everyone along with a strong found family vibe. There’s an enemies-to-lovers cop/Dr romantic suspense; a closeted rugby hero who meets his nemesis in a bossy makeup and lingerie wearing Charge Nurse; a wheelchair rugby Paralympian who falls for an out and proud gender fluid nurse; and an opposites-attract introverted pathologist who creates sparks with a commitment-phobe cop.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Krupar
Wish there were more.....

I loved, LOved, LOVED this series. ALL of them. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, but I couldn't stop listening to them, ALL of them. (Yes, I'm an audiobook fanatic) All of the characters, all of the situations, all of the curveballs that life throws at these characters are real, and Jay Hogan makes them ALL real and believable. Expertly written and beautifully narrated, I fell in love with all of these audiobooks. Even though I can get them through Hoopla, I'm going to buy them to add to my always love and keep collection, they're that good. And, as I allude to in my title, I wish there were more of this series.

Deborah Hamelin
What a fun series

I really enjoyed this series. The mysteries were interesting and the couples where loveable and feel real with their real life problems and fears. The snark was hilarious. A wonderful addition to my library. Gary Furlong narration was perfect as always. The price was more then right. The customer service a treat!!! I definitely recommend this series and for all of Jay Hogan's book. I now have most of the audio books available and listen to them over and over.

What a fantastic series!

I've reviewed each of the individual books here on Jay's website as well as Goodreads. I just want to say that this is a fantastic series and Gary Furlong is a wonderful audio performer for this series. The current sale price for this bundle $18 US, is a fantastic deal!